A few weeks ago when I did an episode with Sarah Stremming on her podcast, CogDogRadio, we talked about how important it is for positive reinforcement trainers to put their training out there, on the internet, where the public can see. We have this technology available to us, and it benefits the industry, the field, and thereby dogs themselves, to share our training and our knowledge.

But putting your stuff out there is scary, and there are days I don’t feel up to it.

One of the things I’ve noticed about John is he either is just way braver than I am OR he has really good coping strategies when it comes to handling trolls on the internet.

So I wanted to ask him, why and how he does what he does. What is the function of his, and other people’s behavior online? If we think that posting honest training videos is a good thing for the field, what can we do as commenters to reinforce that behavior?

John McGuigan is a dog trainer and behavior consultant in Glasgow, Scotland where he has been running his business, now in its 10th year. He is an instructor with the IMDT and has taught and assessed new trainers. He and his team offer one-to-one training and John has a wealth of experience dealing with aggression and reactivity issues. John promotes non-aversive dog training to his local community. He is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and has presented to dog trainers and enthusiasts in The US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Scotland and the rest of the UK with more countries planned for 2019. John’s passion is dealing with dogs showing aggressive behaviours, teaching them new skills using positive reinforcement. He is also zealous in the use of social media to promote the message of positive reinforcement.

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