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Hannah Branigan

Teacher – Trainer – Maverick

Self-proclaimed training nerd

With the belief that everyone (dogs and humans alike) learn best in an environment free of criticism, Hannah breaks down complex skills into bite-sized, accessible pieces, and develops practical techniques that leave her students with a sense of achievement and success. She is on a mission to make training effective + enjoyable for dogs and their handlers, which means optimizing positive reinforcement techniques across species.

She is fascinated by behavior and learning, and passionate about bringing innovative, science-based solutions to the dog/human learning space. Hannah has a background in both human sports and biology. Now she applies that knowledge and experience to the world of animal training and canine competitive sports.

She enjoys training and competing with her own dogs in a variety of sports, and has titled her dogs in Obedience, Agility, Conformation, IPO (Schutzhund), and Rally. Her competition obedience DVDs, Obedience FUNdamentals and Beyond FUNdamentals, have received rave reviews from trainers all over the world, and her students have earned advanced titles and in multiple countries.

While primarily interested in the training process, she finds the high scores, prestigious awards, and national rankings she has earned to be very reinforcing. Hannah is the host of the popular dog training podcast, Drinking from the Toilet, which focuses on the (often inconvenient) intersection between positive reinforcement philosophy and reality.


Awesome Obedience: A Positive Training Plan for Competition Success

Hannah is simply amazing whether she is instructing on-line, in person, or a combination thereof.

Her observation skills are razor sharp, and she is able to break down complex behaviors into small pieces to readily teach the human and the animal. She succinctly explains in easy to understand language what the student needs to do to maximize success.

She communicates in a positive way for both the animal and the human making the learning experience energizing and FUN. I have taken multiple classes with Hannah, and always leave energized, inspired & having learned something new.

– Lynn Rives, KPA-CTP

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