Comprehensive Mentorship Program

Zero to CD is an online group mentorship program designed to provide support, structure, and accountability for people who are new to competition obedience and looking to earn their Novice level title AND to make competition obedience accessible to all dogs and handlers through force-free, positive reinforcement-based methods.

Other Opportunities

What is your dog telling you and does he have to be so loud about it?

In this upcoming workshop, we’ll be talking mainly about dealing with excessive barking/vocalization in training contexts. This live workshop includes time to implement the exercises in real life as well as get your questions answered.

More information coming soon!

Competition Obedience with dog-ibox

Obedience competition exercises are complex tasks. The very word “utility” strikes fear into the hearts of many handlers. But even the most complex exercises are made up of simpler behaviors. We can break these exercises down into small, achievable chunks, to make it fun and easy for both dog and trainer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how splitting exercises into the smallest component behaviors and criteria makes training faster and easier, and increases precision and reliability. We will discuss how to break down the complex chains and sequences of advanced exercises and learn how to save time by identifying core skills that apply to multiple exercises.
The material presented will be aimed at experienced clicker trainers who already have a solid grasp of learning theory, clicker training principles, and shaping techniques.





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