“We had an awesome two days with Hannah Branigan at her “Dial Up Your Performance” workshop. It is one of the most fun workshops I’ve been a part of and I’ve been to a bunch.

Not being into competitive obedience and just auditing I wasn’t sure how much I’d take away, but I’m still using many of the things I learned and can’t wait for her to come back so I can take part again.”

Brad Waggoner, Cold Nose College

“I’ve had the great fortune to take both online classes and an in-person workshop with Hannah to learn Competition Obedience skills. She does a great job of breaking down complex chains to build strong behaviors.

What I love most, however, is her R+ approach to both 2 and 4 legged students. Positive training has become the standard for dogs, but not always for humans, and I appreciate Hannah’s ability to help us move forward and always feel good about our work.”

— Molly Bredenberg

“I have taken several online classes with Hannah via the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and I highly recommend them! I know I want to be positive, I know how to use a clicker, but I am just horrible at splitting the exercises into their smaller components. Luckily Hannah is the queen of splitting, and she devises fun games that keep both me and the dog engaged in the process.

I especially appreciate that she keeps the dog’s emotional state in mind, and that she is positive with her students as well as with the dogs.”

— Helen Smith

“Hannah’s online obedience courses have been a great way to help a novice, like me, teach obedience exercises with efficiency and enthusiasm! She’s really great at catching the little details that make all the difference in the end result when training. She has great tips and tricks for little dogs and other breeds that are not as common to the sport which Gaius and I really appreciate! She’s taken our training to the next level!”

— Elizabeth Kost

“I’ve trained dogs since the 1970’s. Our approach to dog training back then was pretty draconian. Hannah introduced me to positive training methods and I’ve never looked back. She has an uncanny ability to understand animal behavior and get great results from a dog no matter its personality. I highly recommend Hannah whether your goal is to have a well-mannered family pet or a highly competitive performance dog.”

— Melissa Trippe [and Scout, Angus and Alice]

“Hannah’s classes are fun. There! I’ve revealed the deep, dark secret. At Wonderpups’ workshops, you (and your dog, needless to say) WILL have fun. You’ll also learn stuff—oh, boy, will you learn stuff. My dog and I have always immensely enjoyed and profited from our time with Hannah.

Hannah is always impeccably well-prepared, generous with advice and attention, and unfailingly upbeat. If you are looking for a focused, intense, energizing, and productive workshop where you’ll work hard, have fun, and learn a lot, look no further. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth!”

— Maria Thiry

“I have attended several workshops, group training classes and individual training sessions with Hannah Branigan. Hannah is tops in my book! She reads the dogs extremely well and knows what the dog-handler team needs to do to advance to the next level in each particular exercise. When one approach doesn’t work, she can always come up with an alternative.

In workshops, Hannah combines slides when appropriate, demos by one of her Tervs and individual work for the attendees and their dogs. She is does an awesome job of working with each dog-handler team at its particular level and each team is able to advance.

Hannah is able to break the complex exercises into their necessary building blocks, something that is not as easy at it sounds.”

— Judy Cosler

“Hannah helped us transform a difficult puppy into a great dog. She has remarkable knowledge of dog behavior and training methods. She teaches positive interactions and practical solutions. And her classes are as fun for the dog as they are for us. As a result, our dog loves to practice obedience work.

Strangers remark on how well-behaved our dog is, pet sitters were amazed at how good she is on walks, and she can learn new tricks and behaviors very quickly because of what Hannah taught us.

I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their dog’s behavior and their relationship with their dog.”

— Scott Boggs

“Hannah has a wonderful talent for watching a dog-handler team and knowing exactly what they need to do next to advance in their training. She gives clear, concise instructions and never overloads the handler by asking the handler to do too much at once. She also reads the dog very well and knows just what to do to reduce a dog’s stress or get the dog to engage with the handler.”

— Adele C. Monroe, DVM





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