Tonight agility class was canceled due to miserable, cold, pouring rain. <insert sad face>

So we decided to go to my usually rainy day fall-back plan: scent discrimination.

All three dogs are at different stages. Gambit, of course, is the most advanced and Rugby is just beginning.

Here is a little bit of what Rugby is working on at this point:

During Gambit’s turn, I had left Spark loose in the room. Gambit was working with very short distances, while I added various distractions in the form of movement or food. Spark decided she could not take it any more, that Gambit was being trained and not her. Naughty girl, she snuck around behind the large cone and swiped one of the outer articles. Good boy Gambit kept searching. She repeated this move several times until she had a small stash of unscented articles that she hoarded. Gambit still nailed it! Yay Gambit!

Of course, this is very naughty behavior, and not something I would ever encourage. So Spark will be reviewing “wait quietly while other dogs get training” during our next session. But then, one of the main reasons we have dogs is to keep us on our toes, right?

We finished up with a nice group sit stay. Everyone kept their hands to themselves. 🙂