I recently found out that March is #trypod month. Which is PERFECT timing considering my own podcast was just born! So to celebrate #trypod month, and help spread podcast love and knowledge through the universe, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly… which have nothing (specifically) to do with dogs.

1. Hidden Brain – A podcast about life’s unseen patterns. Psychology and behavior. Super nerdy. Love this one.

2. Nerdette – A podcast about books, and science, and astronauts, and all things nerdy. And feminism. This surprises exactly no one.

3. Invisibilia – This one hasn’t been updated in a while, but if it’s new to you, it’s worth checking out the archives. Much like Hidden Brain, this one explores science and stories and interviews.

4. Sports Coach Radio – Maybe surprising? But really, my job has a lot in common with human sports coaching… I do, of course, mostly coach humans! I love the combination of psychology and biology that this podcast covers.

5. Gait Guys – This one may be a little dry and technical for most people. This podcast is heavy on biomechanics and neuroscience. If you’re into that kind of thing, you might like it!

6. Good Life Project – Leaning much farther to the art side than the science side, this podcast often makes me think. Spiritual and inspirational.

7. Sparkle Stories – Ok, I started to listen to these with my child, but somehow I find myself continuing to listen to it even when she’s not in the car. Go ahead and judge. I also really enjoy their new parent-focused podcast, Sparklecast which talks more about parenting and teaching.

And here’s a guilty secret… I tried to like it, I knew I was supposed to like it, but honestly… I just didn’t love Serial.

So, if every now and then, you might want to listen to something that’s not strictly about dogs (though I bet if you are like me, you’ll see parallels EVERYWHERE), check a few of these out. And spread the word!

Are you already a podcast addict like me? What podcasts do you enjoy? I’d love to know!