Damage Control

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Let’s face it. No matter how good you are, no matter how committed to setting your dog up for success (even “errorless learning”), sometimes mistakes happen.

There you are, right in the middle of a training session, when suddenly Something Goes Wrong. Whether you got a behavior you don’t want (like barking) or you didn’t get the behavior you do want and your dog didn’t meet criteria (like missing an agility contact), you are faced with an error – and a decision.

Now what?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just… turn back time and do it over again? Well, you can’t. Sorry.

You know that any action you take in that moment will influence your dog’s behavior. There are a lot of possibilities.

What if you accidentally reinforce the wrong behavior?

What if you stress out or demotivate your dog?

What if you make the wrong choice and ruin everything?

Don’t add insult to injury!

The error has happened. The ship has sailed. The cow is out of the barn. Let’s design a plan, so that when it happens, you know exactly what to do and how to deal with mistakes in a way that is both effective AND consistent with R+ philosophy

Our goal with this workshop is to give you a clear system for dealing with mistakes in any training session.

This workshop will cover both the principles and concepts as well as concrete, practical training strategies.

Join us for a 2-hr Q & A-driven LIVE workshop to learn about this powerful strategy.

It’s not really a webinar, and it’s not really a book club… but it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun and VERY nerdy.

As with our other workshops, you will receive a little homework to read in advance with example videos.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Experienced clicker trainers
  • Nerdy trainers
  • Dog sport trainers (all sports)
  • Husbandry aficionados
  • Professional trainers (including pet dog trainers)
  • Trainers looking to advance their skill set within a positive reinforcement paradigm
Who is this workshop NOT for?
  • Casual pet owners
  • People who are brand new to dog training or unfamiliar with core clicker training concepts (targeting, shaping, etc)

How It Works:

After signing up, you’ll receive a link to the homework material to prepare for the discussion.

The material includes some reading with bespoke/artisanal diagrams (handmade by moi), a few videos, and maybe a controversial idea or two?

Think of any questions you have, either generated by the reading material or things you’ve always wondered.

You can either leave those questions in advance in the virtual classroom (using the “ask a question” feature) or hold on to them and ask them while we are live on camera.

On September 24th at 3pm Eastern, we’ll hold our live event where we can all hang out together (on the internet).

We’ll talk about the concepts, explore some examples, maybe do a demo or two, and answer your questions… basically, we’ll spend a couple hours geeking out about training!

The event is recorded and you can watch it back anytime by going right back to the very same link.


You might have seen Eva and Emelie sometime in the last 10 years as faculty at Clicker Expo, which is where I first met them. At home, the Scandinavian audience recognizes them as animal training instructors, TAGteach educators, and passionate teachers of behavioral principles.

Their shared goal is to help people acquire knowledge and skills in science-based, modern, humane and empowering teaching strategies for the benefit of learners of all species (including humans!). They teach seminars on various aspects of behavior and learning, and coach trainers in the art of structuring great training sessions regardless of the venue or the species.

ABOUT Hannah

With the belief that everyone (dogs and humans alike) learn best in an environment free of criticism, Hannah breaks down complex skills into bite-sized, accessible pieces, and develops practical techniques that leave her students with a sense of achievement and success. She is on a mission to make training effective + enjoyable for dogs and their handlers, which means optimizing positive reinforcement techniques across species.

Hannah is fascinated by behavior and learning, and passionate about bringing innovative, science-based solutions to the dog/human learning space.





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