As you or may not know, I self-identify as a clicker trainer. I always struggle a bit to find language to succinctly describe what I do and how I do it in a meaningful way. And I still don’t have a way I’m 100% happy with, because, of course, labels can be limiting and sometimes even divisive (especially in the online dog training world).
But there is still some value in being able to briefly explain to another person who you are and what makes you different. And there is no doubt that the choices and decisions I make are different from those that another trainer might make, and are influenced by my own learning experience and philosophy.  

So for now, clicker trainer is most comfortable for me. 

A key feature of clicker training and being a clicker trainer, means that I do, in fact, often use a clicker in training. 

But that doesn’t mean I have to be tied to the clicker… or the treat! With clicker training, all forms of positive reinforcement are on the table. 😉