Podcast Guests: Eduardo J. Fernandez, Jiovany Alcaide, Taylor Barconey, Cecilia Erhabor, and Ayoka Bubar

Dr. Eduardo J. Fernandez received his Ph.D. in Psychology (minors in Neuroscience and Animal Behavior) from Indiana University and his M.S. in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas. Much of his past and current work involves the behavioral training and welfare of zoo, aquarium, and companion animals. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. He will begin his new position this summer as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Jiovany Alcaide and Taylor Barconey are both Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and Fear Free Animal Trainers. Smart Bitch Modern Training’s mission is to popularize modern, force-free, and FUN methods in their community and beyond.  They specialize in all areas of dog training, and offer private in-person coaching, virtual coaching, and virtual group class services. No matter if you’re looking to learn the Basics, advance your Basic Training, or for help solving a behavior issue, they can help you.

Cecilia Erhabor is based in the UK and has a Master’s degree in Animal Behaviour Management from the University of Lincoln. She also spent 2 weeks working with Wolves. Cecilia has been working with dogs for 5 years, but only recently took the plunge to going self-employed towards the end of 2019 when she started her own business, C3 Dog Behaviour and Training. Cecilia primarily works with owners and their dogs to overcome various behavioural problems, however she does offer virtual consults and puppy training too. Currently Cecilia is training her 9 month old working golden retriever to eventually compete in gundog working tests.

Ayoka Bubar is a CPDT – KA and an approved Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) Judge. She has been a dog training instructor since 2008. Training and showing in a variety of venues including agility, tracking, herding, and rally obedience and conformation has really helped her understand the way breaking things down and seeking clarity in instruction and competing can lead to success. Her experiences teaching mean she has a great grasp of how to help all dogs of different breeds meet success! Rottweilers are her passion and her two beautiful girls are herding, and playing other sports with joy and success.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting started in dog training.
  • Small business ownership.
  • The importance of role models.
  • Code-switching.
  • Why representation matters.
  • Implicit bias and human behavior.
  • Easy actions you can take right now to help support BIPOC in the training industry.

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