Guests: Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis (she/her) is an international animal training consultant, educator and innovator. She brings two decades of experience working as a professional animal trainer and zookeeper. She has worked for AZA accredited zoological facilities including The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens and San Diego Zoo Global as well as numerous nonprofit organizations, rescues and animal sanctuaries. Carrie co-founded Reptelligence in 2013 (with co-founder Alex Konold), an organization that strives to be a catalyst for introducing innovative enrichment options and accessible, choice based, minimally aversive training techniques for reptiles and other non-furred and non-feathered animals in human care. She is passionate about improving well-being for captive animals and their caretakers through allowing and motivating a full expression of their individual behavioral repertoire. She lives in Joshua Tree, California, USA with two dogs, Skyla and Bam and an Australian Woma Python named Magnolia.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How humans tend to be visually oriented.
  • Animals might respond more significantly to other senses.
  • What variables might influence how an animal reacts to a prop or target.
  • How to deconstruct what sensory elements might be associated with a response.
  • The importance of staying curious and questioning our “stories” whether they are right or not!

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