If you’ve ever been guilty of overthinking your training, struggling with ring nerves, or generally freaking out about dog stuff… you’ll definitely be interested in our guest this week. She’s got good stuff!

Today, we are hanging out with Andrea Harrison, who… weirdly enough… is a people person.

Andrea describes herself as an educator who is passionate about all species, including both dogs AND humans! Having lived with dogs her whole life, Andrea was an early convert to positive training for people and dogs.
She has years of experience working with all different kinds of people, and now specializes in helping dog trainers and sports competitors sharpen their mental game and reduce their own stress and anxiety so they can be the best teammate for their canine partners.
Andrea teaches online classes through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, that help trainers get their head in the game with good planning, coping strategies, and generally making the most of what you have.
She also has a new ebook available called “Love the one you are (with)”. We talk more about exactly what’s in the book and why it matters in our conversation.

In this episode: