Guest: Grisha Stewart

Grisha Stewart is best known among dog trainers for developing Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), a humane technique for dog aggression, frustration, and fear. Through her international dog seminars, DVDs, books, and  in-person and online training schools, she’s helped hundreds of thousands of dogs and their people thrive.

Grisha uses positive reinforcement mindfully in ways that directly benefit the animal, like teaching cooperative care and consent which forms the foundation of her online school Grisha Stewart Dog Training Academy.

The Academy is more than just education. It’s an international community where some of the world’s top animal professionals come together to help learners grow, and to encourage empowered, trustworthy, wholehearted living with dogs. Grisha also writes and plays music, climbs rocks, reads voraciously , and loves the outdoors. She currently lives in Oregon, USA with her fiance Tom, Joey the Labrador and Zuki the small (but mighty!) rescue dog.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why reactivity is such a big topic.
  • Why it’s so hard, so common, and so important.
  • How our own emotions and behavior play into the problem.
  • What we can do to manage our emotional responses and do better training.
  • How getting better with our training skills can make the world a better place… and isn’t that why we are all here? I hope so. Because something has be done and that’s for sure.

Links mentioned:

  • Grisha Stewart Dog Training Academy: for live events, courses and webinars, ebooks, and streaming Grisha’s DVDs
  • Campus Store: printed books and physical DVDs available for order
  • Diamond Membership Access: Diamond Members of Grisha’s Academy get access to ALL live and on-demand streaming classes. That’s over 80 online dog classes from different instructors, with more added every month! Members also get Grisha’s eBooks, Facebook support, special events, and other perks just for Diamonds.

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