Guest: John Anthony Shahor

About John Anthony and Redemption Road K9

Redemption Road K9 (RRK9) is a top-rated working dog company, a working dog co-op retailer, and cynology center focusing on Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI) with the goal of creating and developing goal-oriented and structured interventions that intentionally incorporate animals in health, education, and human service for the purpose of therapeutic gains and improved health and wellness.

Through our “Job Training For Juveniles” vocational program, juveniles from within the justice system are paired with some of the top dog-training professionals in the world and provided opportunities for education, engagement and community partnership. This program is geared towards offering training and skills to instill leadership and strong work ethic to prepare these young people for adulthood while also delivering top quality canine companions to celebrities, champion athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and some of the most dynamic police departments in the world.

Our Youth Programs focus on teaching leadership and communication skills that will help our students find and maintain gainful employment and provide them with opportunities that will encourage them to positively get involved in their local communities.

Our “Job Training for Juveniles” program is a 17-week immersion program that aims to arm youth who are being adjudicated for low level offenses, and those assessed as low risk to reoffend, with skills that prepare them for a meaningful life outside of the criminal justice system.

We have partnered with local communities, vocational schools, accredited universities and some of the top dog-training professionals in the world to curate career-oriented programs through a number of dog-related courses. All of our courses follow an apprenticeship model which includes learning to assist, teach and facilitate the courses.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What does mentorship mean?
  • What makes a good mentor?
  • What makes a good mentee?
  • How can you get the most out of a mentorship relationship?
  • What is the most important thing to focus on to be a better mentor?

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