This week we are finishing up our Spring Cleaning series… you’ve already organized all your resources you’ve collected over the weekend, you’ve worked out a new better system for your planning and record keeping and this time you’ve got the magic one that will actually work.

Now let’s get to the training itself! Wouldn’t it be cool if you kept your training clean all the time? Then there would be nothing to do here!

What are the things you put off? The built up dirt and grime that’s been hidden or not so hidden?

What are the things where if you tackled that project finally would make everything else easier?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Cleaning up your reinforcement mechanics.
  • Sharpening reinforcement procedures like toy play skills.
  • Have you found yourself rushing your “out” lately?
  • Managing criteria in sequences and chains.
  • Tightening up session structure behaviors and filling in gaps.

Are there any other places where your training baseboards are getting grimy? Maybe a sloppy cue you’ve been meaning to address? Some other behavior that’s been collecting dust for a while? I’d love to know what makes your list!

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