Why plan at all when it could all change?

Planning does the thinking and deciding in advance. It simplifies information, by acting as a filter… for you and for your clients.

For clients, they are new to training. They are still wrestling with motor skills. Remembering to the basics, like to actually reinforce. And dealing with some of the natural struggle that comes with changing any behavior… there may well be some extinction burst happening.

Giving your client a plan, especially something they can check off, can soften that frustration by giving them quick wins.

It lets them focus on mastering the mechanics, because we can do the deciding for them.

They just don’t have the bandwidth to decide if they should put the puppy in an expel or a crate AND follow through on setting an alarm or whatever.

Is a way of successive approximation for humans.

Plans become most important when:

You are doing something new you’ve never done before

We want to make a change of some kind… make something DIFFERENT happen… change a habit

There are a lot of moving parts to keep track of

ANYTIME you feel overwhelmed by choices or information

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