Kathy Sdao’s resume is stacked. Sure there’s the master’s degree in experimental psychology, working with the U.S. Navy to train dolphins and 30+ years as a full-time animal trainer. However, if you need undeniable proof that Kathy is a legit expert, know that she has appeared on an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

She’s one of my favorite presenters of all time… the perfect combination of fun and fascinating. She has an amazing way of making even the driest of scientific concepts interesting and accessible. I’m a fan!

Show Notes:

  • What *is* stimulus control?
  • Antecedents vs cues vs commands
  • The cue tells the dog(animal) WHEN to do the behavior
  • The 4 parameters of a clear cue
    • Distinct
    • Consistent
    • Simple
    • Salient
  • How default behaviors work

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