I hope you appreciate the several, unintended, Dr Who references in this episode. If that’s not enough to keep your interest, you might want to unsubscribe (just kidding!). Listen on for more from Emelie and Eva (and me) on creating structure and flow in your training sessions and dealing with errors.

It’s said that Emelie and Eva share a brain… seems plausible. They certainly share a wavelength! For more info on these well-educated and accomplished women, trainers, and authors – check out their website here (and make sure you consult The Google translate button).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to handle a goat that just won’t stop jumping up on you
  • The importance of creating a structure for your session, for both you AND the dog
  • Dipping into matching law
  • The physics of time travel… is time linear?
  • What is the point of playing miniature golf if you are actually trying to play well?
  • The flow of a great training session and what that looks like

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