Have you ever felt the pressure of getting a new puppy and felt totally frozen, not wanting to screw that puppy up? Me too. On this episode, we are diving into all the feelings of that pressure with Laura VanArendonk Baugh. In the end, you’ll have real-life tips you can use to raise a fearless puppy!

If you google Laura VanArendonk Baugh, you’re in for a treat. You might stumble upon her website, www.lauravanarendonkbaugh.com first and be surprised to find out she’s an award-winning writer of speculative fiction, mystery, and non-fiction. Except, you’re probably not surprised at all because she’s that famous. In the animal training world, Laura is well-known in the clicker training community and is particularly fascinated by the hard science of altering behavior. She is certified in TAGteach, an instructor with KPA and also a Professional member of the APDT.

We discussed:

Teaching puppies they can win in any situation

Taking a quality vs quantity approach to socialization

The importance of listening to your puppy and making training a socialization a dialogue

Having a plan to bail out when it starts to be too much

What’s the FIRST behavior you should train a new puppy


Laura’s book: Social, Civil, and Savvy
Laura’s other book: Fired up, Freaked Out and Frantic
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