Lindsay Wood Brown is a board-certified Associate Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB) with a master’s degree in Animal Behavior and I just love her. Did I just make this awkward? Oh well. With a stacked professional portfolio, Lindsay has a long history of leadership and building high functioning teams within animal shelters, is no stranger to teaching workshops and also serves as a faculty member for Karen Pryor Academy and  Clicker Expo. You see, there are a million reasons to love her and I’m honored she took part in today’s podcast.

In this conversation, we attempt to unpack the concept of the Conditioned Emotional Response (CER) as applies to dog training. In addition to running through (and utterly confusing ourselves with) the terminology of the conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus, etc, we also talk about practical application. Lindsay describes how she applied this concept in her resource guarding protocol, and I discuss how I might effectively build a CER to improve my dog’s down response.

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