This week, behavior nerd worlds collide as I chat with Ryan O’Donnell (AKA “RYANO”) about changing human behavior as it relates to training. Basically, why and how we need to train humans to train dogs. It’s sort of like training inception.

RYANO is a graduate of Florida Institute of Technology’s applied behavior analysis master’s program.  Prior to attending Florida Tech, he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno. His major interests include measurement, philosophical positions in psychology, dissemination of behavioral science, successful applications of behavioral technology to real-world issues, and large-scale practical applications of behavioral technology.  He works as a Learning Systems Development Specialist at High Sierra Industries, is Co-Founder of the Next Gen Revolution Summit, and Co-Founder of the Institute of Meaningful Instruction, LLC based in Reno, NV. Keep up to date with what he’s up to through his YouTube Channel.

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