“All behavior is modifiable.” -Karen Pryor

This is a quote I find myself repeating on an *almost* daily basis. It’s simple but so important to remember.

In training, we need to watch out for labels. They don’t help us in developing a training plan. Do beagles tend to sniff stuff? Do border collies tend to chase cars? OF COURSE! But that does nothing to inform our training decisions. We want to focus our energy on describing the behavior, not the dog.

This goes for you, too. You aren’t “clumsy” or “bad with a clicker”. You may be missing a few skills to complete your set, but skills can be learned. All behavior is modifiable. Even our own!

In other news, I’m always curious about where you are when you are listening from. So if you think of it, I’d love it if you’d take a selfie or screenshot and then post it on your Instagram feed and tag me (@hbranigan). I want to see where you are and what you’re doing when you’re listening to Drinking from the Toilet!

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