This particular episode is a little different topic, as it’s really aimed mostly at those of you who work as professional trainers, especially if you own your own business.

You see, Melissa’s specialty is… well, it’s marketing. I know, I know… as a dog trainer, I too am terrified of marketing.

That’s why I wanted to warn you, that this episode may feel a little intense, but Melissa has some interesting points.

During our conversation we talk about:

  1. Why should we bother marketing?
  2. Why talking about marketing makes me feel icky
  3. How good marketing is actually a lot like good dog training, and so it’s maybe not so scary


Melissa Breau is a web designer, copywriter, and all around marketing geek. Her business, Click And Repeat, specializes in working with pet service businesses.

Melissa does a number of different marketing related things for the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, including hosting the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast and maintaining the main Facebook page.

In addition to that, she teaches two classes on marketing for FDSA — a class on Building a WordPress Website and her Business End of the Dog: Marketing for Pet Professionals class, which is running now. She currently has a 7-year-old German Shepherd named Riley who has her Champion Treibball title and is working on her Rally skills, a 1.5-year-old English Cocker named Levi who is still trying to figure out stay, and a small tuxedo kitty, named Piper.

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