This week, we are talking to Åsa Jakobsson, who is a Swedish dog photographer, she has Kelpies… and she also trains. We “met” (air quotes) through a mutual friend, Emelie… half of the mind of Carpe Momentum, who you will remember from several other episodes, including Start Buttons.

I’ve been following Åsa on Instagram for a while now. She takes beautiful, even kind of magical photos of dogs and sometimes their people. And she’s teamed up with Emelie to put together an online course about training your dog to participate (willingly) in photographs. The course is called “Top Dog Model”. Isn’t that a great name?!

In our conversation, we talked about what makes a good photo and how to take a good photo using any kind of camera, but especially your phone… which is what I use almost exclusively. Åsa also talks about some of the behaviors that can be useful to teach your dog which lends to better photographs.

Guest Bio

Åsa Jakobsson is a photographer with varied assignments and online courses through KelpiePhoto. She is also a writer – has previously written two dog books, including the 2018 publication of KLICK – Dog Photography with Pleasure at Klickerförlaget. Åsa runs a blog for planning and dog training and trains her dogs Midiori, Valle and Mårran in all that is fun, including competing in racing and rally.

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