Lori Stevens (CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT, CPBC) joined the Clicker Expo faculty in 2019. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner, a Senior Tellington TTouch Practitioner, a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, and a Certified Behavior Consultant.Lori uses humane and scientific methods to improve the health, behavior, and performance of animals.

Her experience is holistic and incorporates respect for animals as teachers. She continually studies the interactions between animal behavior, movement, learning, and health, and this is reflected in her innovative approach. Lori has an established companion animal practice in Seattle, WA.

She also teaches workshops and presents at conferences worldwide. Lori has three DVDs produced by Tawzer Dog Videos. The most recent of her DVDs is called Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs and is co-presented with Kathy Sdao. Lori teaches online classes on canine fitness, aging dogs, and massage for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

She is the creator of the Balance Harness by Blue-9 Pet Products

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