Podcast Guests: Emelie Johnson Vegh

Emelie Johnson Vegh began riding at a young age, but in 1989 she was introduced to the world of dogs and dog sports. Emelie had the wonderful opportunity to borrow a Labrador called Kicki, and with her, she embarked on her journey with dogs. She begun training together with Kicki in the youth club and in 1990 Nilla came into her life. Together Emelie and Nilla enjoyed so many things with the youth club and also competed successfully in obedience, agility, and flyball. Currently, Emelie shares her life with a Kelpie named Scout and they compete mostly in obedience and rally obedience but enjoy freestyle, agility, and mushing too.

Show Notes:

This week we continue our series talking about foundation skills. You, of course, remember Emelie Johnson Vegh as a returning guest, most often as half of the Carpe Momentum mind. She’s been a guest on the podcast several times usually with Eva, the other half of that mind.

But today, it’s just me and Emilie. You may remember back to Episode #76 where Emelie and I talked about how we had both gotten new puppies around the same time and how important it is to set ourselves and our puppies up for success. Well, now those puppies are teenagers, but we are still very much thinking about what we can do with our training to build the skills our puppies need to be successful in sports and in life.

Because I’m probably not the only one who sometimes feels frozen with anxiety about screwing up a new puppy and overwhelmed by the pressure of wanting to do a good job – I thought it would be helpful to have a conversation around what is the top priority in foundation training for any sport and really anything else we want to do together as a team.

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