Podcast Guest: Peter Amelia

Peter Amelia is from Seattle and started working with birds over 15 years ago. Peter’s goal is to improve animal welfare by creating choice and encouraging voluntary participation from learners in as many situations as possible. They began training early on and started the journey toward positive reinforcement based least intrusive methods. Since then, Peter has trained all kinds of animals from parrots to crows to hoofstock to snakes and lizards. They live with parrots, pigeons, a crow, goats, dogs, poultry of different kinds, snakes a lizard and a tarantula. Along with consulting locally, Peter travels and provides virtual consultations. When not training animals they train people as a flexibility and trapeze coach at two Seattle circus schools as well as freelance performing.

In this episode, we get real nerdy about:
  • Building a bulletproof recall especially with competing reinforcers.
  • Improving your training skills by working with multiple breeds/species.
  • How to keep the natural history of the animal in mind and use it to your advantage.

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