Podcast Guest: Morten Egtvedt

Norwegian dog trainer Morten Egtvedt and his wife Cecilie Køste have written three best-selling books about clicker training. They have also published the Nordic dog magazine “Canis” for exactly 20 years this winter. They are the owners of Canis Clickertraining Academy (the leading clicker training dog school in the Nordic countries). They have personally trained more than 200 new clicker training instructors in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland since 2003 through their now-famous clicker instructor course.

Morten has trained dogs mostly for high-level obedience and working dog competitions. He has also trained dogs for search and rescue and for military service for many years. He is a trained biologist with a degree in ethology, but he has always been much more interested in applied behavior analysis than ethology when it comes to practical dog training.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our working definition of a behavior chain
  • What is the difference between forward chaining and backward chaining?
  • Why back chaining is awesome
  • How the Premack principle comes into play with behavior chains
  • The process for training any behavior chain
  • Tips for effective training of behavior chains

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