Why Thousands of Dog Behavior Nerds Are Obsessed with Drinking From The Toilet

A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you need a drink and a friend who gets it.

With a heavy dose of humor and side of empathy, we explore high-level behavior science concepts mixed in with real conversations and practical training advice. We keep it nerdy, relatable, and real.

Who are Behavior Nerds?

Our dedicated podcast listeners are professional and highly-educated dog trainers from around the world. From training pets to sports competitors to service dog trainers, we reach a niche audience of dog trainers committed to positive reinforcement.

“Another well thought out, clearly communicated training subject in podcast form from Hannah Branigan. The idea of creating clear communication paths and “foundation” skills is how you teach a dog how to learn. Once I was able to teach my dog these foundation behaviors and we were able to clearly communicate with each other we were able to train a behavior and an expedited speed and without much frustration. It makes living and training with a dog much more joyful! Thank you for putting that concept into such clear terms for us!”.

– Alycia Noble

“The podcast is filled with thought-provoking and actionable information. I am still ruminating over the great lessons from “It’s All Behavior”. Dog training can be challenging in ways I did not anticipate. Your perspective and packaging of science, clear communication and humor help me drop the baggage and recognize success and progress.”

– Beverly Lassiter

“For me, your podcast came along at just the right time (funny how that works, isn’t it?) Your ability to break things down and dissect why a dog does what he does, or how we influence their behavior, emotional response etc, has kind of rejuvenated my desire to continue to strive for a better way of training.

– Sarah Lindgren-Akana

Audience Demographics


92% Women
22% 25-34
23% 35-44
20% 45-54
Primarily from US, Canada, UK, Australia

Why Sponsor Drinking From The Toilet?

Podcasting has become one of the best ways to reach and serve this dedicated audience of dog trainers and training enthusiasts. This busy on-the-go audience doesn’t have time to watch video content or keep up with long detailed articles, but they love the ability to listen in every week while walking their dogs, driving to clients, or traveling to the next competition.

The Stats…..

We hear from our audience that once they find Drinking From The Toilet, they often subscribe and binge-listen through more than 90 current episodes. Spending nearly 100 hours with Hannah in their ear-buds leads to a huge feeling of connection, community, and trust. This is an audience that takes Hannah’s recommendations seriously.

4500+ average downloads within 7 days of episode publish date

Average of 38K episode downloads per month in the last 6 months

More than 200,000 episodes downloaded in the past 6 months

950,000+ unique lifetime downloads

Because of the evergreen nature of podcasting, sponsoring an episode now isn’t just seen this week on release. It will be listened to again and again as listeners re-listen to take notes, share their favorites with fellow dog training enthusiasts, and the podcast audience continues to grow.

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