Square One: Prioritizing Puppy Foundations

May 23, 2019 | 9:30am – 11:30am ET

Puppy paralysis is real. And it’s a problem. What if you do the wrong thing and ruin this puppy before they can live up to their potential?

How can you manage the stress and anxiety of having a brand new puppy with all the goals and expectations that comes in the basket, and do the best you can by that pup without becoming totally neurotic?

Emelie and I have been there (recently!), and we have some thoughts.

Our goal with this workshop is to give you a framework to prioritize your training with your new puppy.

What should you train first? Where should you spend your time? What should you NOT worry about?

We will break down important foundation skills into categories and help you build a framework to set priorities with the goal of raising a puppy, and a partner, who is:


  • Confident in the world
  • Stays focused during training sessions
  • Knows how to move his body safely and effectively
  • Is motivated to work with you

Join us for a 2-hr Q & A-driven workshop to learn about this powerful strategy.

It’s not really a webinar, and it’s not really a book club… but it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun and VERY nerdy.

As with our other workshops, you will receive a little homework to read in advance with example videos.

How It Works:

After signing up, you’ll receive a little homework material to prepare for the discussion.

The material includes some reading, a few videos, and some exercises to try on your own.

Think of any questions you have, either generated by the reading material or things you’ve always wondered.

And you can either leave those in advance in the virtual classroom (using the “ask a question” feature) or hold on to them and ask them while we are live on camera.

On May 23rd, we’ll hold our live event where we can all hang out together (on the internet). We’ll talk about the concepts, explore some examples, and answer your puppy-related questions.

The event is recorded and you can watch it back anytime by going right back to the same link.

About Emelie Johnson Vegh:

Together with business partner Eva Bertilsson, Emelie runs the collaboration Carpe Momentum. Emelie and Eva’s goal is to help people acquire knowledge and skills in science-based, modern, humane, and empowering teaching strategies for the benefit of learners of all species. They teach seminars on the general principles of behavior and learning, and coach trainers in the art of structuring great training sessions regardless of the venue or the species. Their book Agility Right from the Start was published by Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT) in 2010. The book outlines Emelie and Eva’s philosophy and structured approach to training, making it a worthy read not only for agility enthusiasts. ”E&E” are part of the Clicker Expo faculty. In addition, they are the first TAGteach faculty in Europe.

Emelie’s great interest lies is teaching, whether it’s private lessons for clients with dogs, group classes, running coaching, creative writing with kids… The list goes on. She enjoys many different sports and finding ways to breaking them down and teaching them to others.

Emelie lives in Malmö in the south of Sweden together with husband, three children and two dogs, Scout, a kelpie, and field golden puppy Tessa. Together they enjoy many outdoor activities and dog sports. Tessa, now 10 months old, is learning the foundations for field dog training, rally o, obedience, agility, urban mushing, freestyle, heelwork to music and, oh, life!





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