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A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and a friend who gets it.

With a heavy dose of humor and a side of empathy, we explore high-level behavior science concepts mixed with real conversations and practical training advice. We keep it nerdy, relatable, and real.

Latest episodes

Podcast #55: Generalization In Dog Training

This week’s topic is generalization.Before we jump into that, I want to give you a heads up that I am about to open up some spots in my Online Mentorship program: Zero to CD.This is a program that I put together to help experienced trainers who...

Podcast #54: Behavioral Momentum

I love the concept of behavioral momentum for two reasons, first because it’s awesome and helps me out all the time in making my dog training sessions (and people training sessions) more effective, and second because it’s a metaphor. And you...

Podcast #53: Puppy Thoughts

Getting a puppy can be a bit of a crapshoot. What can we do to select the best puppy for our lifestyle and goals, and what can we do to optimize our training to help that puppy reach his potential?Links mentioned:Episode #30Social, Civil and...

Podcast #52: Operationalize This

The process of operationalization takes a fuzzy concept or construct, and makes it clear… so that we can talk about it, we can measure it, and we can have internet arguments and know that we are talking about the same thing.This is critical to...

Podcast #51: Husbandry with Laura Monaco Torelli

This week Laura Monaco Torelli and I talk about husbandry in the dog training world, and it turns out it's not ENTIRELY about teaching dogs to trim their own nails (though that could be part of it). During our conversation, we talked about...

Podcast #48: Setting Priorities

What are your training priorities? Join me as I discuss mine and why they're at the top of my list.Links MentionedWhat's Wrong with this Picture? Effectiveness is Not Enough by Susan G. FriedmanHierarchy of Behavior-Change Procedures

Podcast #46: Using Feedback with Andrea Harrison

In episode 46, we sit down with Andrea Harrison again to discuss the importance of using feedback.Andrea teaches online classes through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, that help trainers get their head in the game with good planning, coping...

Podcast #43: One New Habit for the New Year

My advice? Don’t try to do everything at once.Don’t try to do whiteboards and post-its and planners and totally change your entire personality in one day. Start small… as always, we are shaping behavior after behavior. If you are going to do one...

Podcast #42: Five Key Concepts for 2018

Bring it on, 2018! On this episode, I explored 5 key concepts for the new year with Ryan Cartlidge - the founder of Animal Training Academy. Ryan's goal is to improve the lives of Animals and Hum-animals everywhere - and he does that by...

Podcast #41: Motivate Your Training Sessions

Last week, we discussed Motivating Operations (Episode 40). This week we are going to zoom in on a particular type of Conditioned Motivating Operations - the reflexive version, or CMO-R. Which I think is especially relevant in helping us...

Podcast #40: Motivating Operations

This week.....well, I hope you’ll bear with me. If you thought previous episodes were extraordinarily geeky, this one may set a new standard.Last week we talked to Dr. Susan Friedman about motivation, and the concept of motivating operations...

Podcast #39: Motivation with Dr. Susan Friedman

In dog training circles, motivation is - well - kind of a hot topic. It's a big concept and we care a lot about it because, of course, reinforcement drives behavior. So, it's worth spending some time unpacking, and this week I had the ridiculous...

Podcast #38: Lego Blocks Not Cinder Blocks

To be most effective in our shaping, we want to strive for continuous incremental progress. When we are doing it at our very best, we increment every rep, but in such small increments that the dog is always winning. Easier said than done!We want...

Podcast #37: What makes a good reinforcer?

In a recent video call with my Zero to CD group, we were talking about what makes a good reinforcer for our training. Specifically, we were talking about toys and play, because we had a chance to hang out with my friend and friend of the pod,...

Podcast #36: The CER with Lindsay Wood Brown

Lindsay Wood Brown is a board-certified Associate Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB) with a master’s degree in Animal Behavior and I just love her. Did I just make this awkward? Oh well. With a stacked professional portfolio, Lindsay has a long...

“Your podcast has been great food for thought for my eventual dog training and just life in general.”

– Deborah Smith

“My dogs love Hannah without knowing it! I’ve switched a lot of things around in my training (subtle and not-so-subtle) since listening to this podcast, and WOW. My dogs are learning faster, I’m having more fun, THEY’RE having more fun, and my pet dog clients are getting more precise clicker info as well.

Even if you’re not a competition obedience or agility person, this podcast has something for everyone interested in training! If you have any shred of dog-neediness in you, check this podcast out.”

– Noxlee

“GREAT Podcast! This is a totally delightful and informative podcast. A must for anyone interested in understanding the science involved in training dogs for competition obedience. Hannah is endlessly charming, funny, and incredibly smart.

What a treat to follow along as Hannah reasons out, either by herself or with a guest, how to understand and use various behavioral principles.”

– Bonnie Burman

“Best Binge Podcast for Dog Behavior Nerds!
Hannah Branigan’s Drinking From The Toilet is far and away the sweetest ear candy for anyone even remotely interested in a scientific look at behavior (human, dog, etc). Each episode dives deep into all areas of training and behavior – in a highly entertaining and accessible way.

Hannah gives me new ways to look at my relationship with my dog, and a new perspective with which to view her behavior. My brain and heart light up with each episode. Well done Hannah, this podcast is a gem, and very reinforcing!”

– A Michelson

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