In this episode we discuss:

  • Bad training sessions can happen for a lot of reasons.
  • Be kind to yourself. Beating yourself up won’t help you do better training in the future.
  • Fault is the wrong thing to focus on. You are responsible for the training session, yes, but there is a difference between fault and responsibility.
  • Do you know what went wrong?
  • Focus on principles and ABCs to avoid getting trapped in stories or labels.
  • Don’t repeat the same session. Change something!
  • Phone a friend. Get an objective perspective.
  • #1 stop digging.
  • Essentialize – What are you really focusing on in this session?
  • Start small – You may not need to totally ditch your whole training strategy.
  • Get a new starting point that guarantees success.
  • Look at reinforcement strategy first. Did it work?
  • Rehearse the reinforcement strategy first without ANY behavior.
  • It is always better to start with low criteria and be in a position to raise them quickly, rather than start with a failure and be forced to lower criteria.
  • My rule of thumb is to restart at half of whatever I think I can definitely get.
  • Quit (or take a break) at half the time you think you could do.

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